Flash cartridge firmware

Dear friends, before starting the procedure for flashing a cartridge (or device), carefully read this text.

Before starting any work on flashing cartridges (devices), put the device on charge and charge up to 100%, during flashing, do not remove the device from the charger and do not remove the cartridge from the device!
Do not turn off the console during the firmware! In no case!
When reflashing a cartridge to a new firmware, there is a chance that you will ruin it corny without the possibility of recovery.

I have a GBA Movie Player cartridge in my collection.

M3 Movie Player

And after reflashing it stopped working.

It's good that a program was found on the Internet (on the Nintendo DS), which again flashed the cartridge and completely restored it. But the first minutes after the cartridge did not work were unforgettable with the knowledge that I may have broken the cartridge.

Once again, before you start the firmware, you must understand that you are doing this AT YOUR OWN RISK!

What to do?

Of course, there are cartridges whose manufacturers say they are protected against upgrade damage. For example, the manufacturer Ez Flash Omega writes: "System on chip level recovery mode, prevent upgrade dead". But most cartridges do not have such a protection system (especially old cartridges)!

If you want to flash an OLD cartridge (which is no longer released and supported), then think about this:

1. You must immediately find a means of restoring it (before the firmware and not then look for what to do in a panic).

For example, GBA Movie Player flasher v1.4 from Rafael Vuijk (DarkFader) is available to restore GBA Movie Player, Supercard CF and Supercard SD. The program itself is called flashmp.nds.

There is a FAS1Flasher.nds program to restore FlashAdvancePRO. It writes the Pogoshell firmware to the cartridge and the cartridge becomes operational.

And so on.

2. If you have not found such a recovery tool, then think about whether you need such a risk?

3. As an option, buy a spare (the same, if you find one at all on someone's hands) cartridge and flash it so that you can safely throw it out later.

Good luck friends! Be careful!